Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some Random Stuff..............

In no order there is a super old pic of me and some friends, being a biker is easy these days, a sweet kicker I got from Pete in MN, a cute girl I know, a disease I wish I had, some records I've been listening to and Shea broken down on one of our outings. The weather has got to the part where it is shit and then we get a nice day thrown in. Been trying to ride a lot. I have a ton of bikes to work on so that's good, I'll keep my head down and nose clean.


  1. Hey Ricky..I'm happy to see things are lookin' good for you. Stoked that you're ass deep in bike work as well! Keep on doing your thing man..I check in here daily to see what's going on at the Anchor head quarters!

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