Saturday, March 14, 2015


The Shovelhead got a little make over. First thing was the conversion to foot shift and hand clutch. Next was I had Forking By Frank cut down some tubes to 4 under which is stock for a panhead. Replaced seals and bushings at this point. Tried these Pangea bars on for the first time. Can't wait to rail this thing next week. Good times and Saturday is the only day I get to work on my own stuff.  It must be done!

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  1. Howdy,
    Saw you converted shovel from foot to hand clutch foot shift. I want to do the same with my 05 Suckerpunch Sally bobber. It has S&S gear case and 78/79 HD shovel jugs and heads. I would greatly appreciate your guidance the procedure and any parts needed for the conversion. I just find the jockey shift too dangerous and limiting. I want to hop on and feel safe while bar burning around my area. Yes Jockey shifts put you down in a different class but I have a family and need to be safe for them.

    I appreciate your kind assistance.and if possible I will purchase parts from you and monetary compensation for your advise if you require same.

    Thanks for the assist fellow wrench turner!

    George Edmunds