Saturday, March 14, 2015

Flatheads and Harleys

Been railing out work and really focusing
On getting my shop to the next level. To do this I must have the best belt known to man. So I can check that off the list. Josh came by the shop and showed me some of his work. So killer and it seems as soon as one bike goes two show up. Guess that's a good thing. Feel like I'm getting buried and spring is just starting. So it's Official I'll be moving back into my old spot down in the bottoms industrial area. More space and less money. The benefits are obvious but the moving is going to suck. One month and counting. 


  1. Glad business has been pouring in and keeping your business thriving. Hard work and busting your ass more than the next guy pays off! I have been trying to do the same with the intent of stashing enough bread to get my next bike project up and running. I want you to help me make it a reality. Please let me know when your ready to make your move..I'm ready to help. Been following your daily progress/adventures on instagram as well. I don't have an account with them so I can't comment...but I'm following! Keep doing your thing Ricky..happy things are going good for you!

  2. Thanks Vince and you'll be the first person I call when it's time to move. It's gonna suck but this next move will be the last move for a very long time