Monday, June 21, 2010

Broken shit.

Well like most people I can't look away from a trainwreck. I thought I would break down the breakdowns.
Ricky's bike- Battery toasted so I rode the last 100 miles following matt's headlight. Both seat spring bolts snapped off seat pan. Hardware store run and repair. Fork seals were weepy before we left but they are freaking blown out now. Leaked out every drop of fluid on to my legs. Had oil plug on tank blow off twice. Every time I really got on it it would blow off. oops
Matt's bike- Spare gas tank decided it want to fall on the tire. I guess the gas spraying all over the tire made Matt just throw it in the ditch. Jacket also decided to jump into the tire/fender area and got shredded. Carb came off once do to poor running but was handled in about 5 minutes. Really his bike did killer and is now a road warrior.
Tony's 750- Well his was the first one to give us fits. Blown tube on the side of the road about 150 miles from Santa Rosa. We tried to patch it 2 times on the side of the road but because we tried fix a flat first the patch would not hold. Some dudes with a trailer picked him up and made it into NM. Lost both bolts on his sissy bar/fender mount. Carbs falling off. TOO MUCH OIL IN TANK. Sorry I forgot to mention the guys from the Clovis Harley dealership. Bert rode up to the show on Saturday and brought us a new tube and strip. We changed the tube out in the hotel room and made it all the way back. Not to mention the many stops due to no petrol.
Three Anchor bikes, four days,1500 miles, good times.

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