Monday, June 21, 2010

Ready for the next trip.

Already looking forward to planning the next trip. Here is a list of stuff I will be fixing or replacing on the Ironhead.
SEAT-the goddamn seat was the worst. I have two large bruises now on my ass. Every big bump I was screaming like I was having my toe nails pulled off with pliers.
BARS- Love these bars but with the new seat I need some that pull back
FOOTPEGS- Mids rule for around town but 10 hrs into a ride I would have loved to move them a little.
FORKSEALS- Duh with out good seals you don't have good dampening. Every big pothole or bridge I experienced a slam from the fork legs banging the tree. It sucked bad and everytime I would pucker up and just hang on.

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  1. Man, mine would have faired FAR worse. Ya did good