Friday, October 1, 2010

Sitting pretty

So I have got the 51 sitting were I want her now. Through the years this poor truck has been used and abused. They mounted the rear end under the leaf springs for height reasons I suppose. So about 50 bucks and a after noon and I flipped the rear to the top. Added a 3 inch C notch in the rear frame rail. As for the front they had added 2 inch blocks to raise it up gasser style so I took those out and then removed 3 leafs from each side. To me this is a good start as far as stance goes. I am super picky about how a car sits. I am not into air bags/hydros so doing it the old school way is the only way. Now if I get a dropped axle in the front all I have to do is block the rear and it will be killing grass. Hood is gonna have about 500 louvers punched in it real soon. Enjoy

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