Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whats the Haps

Well it is the time of year that we start dreading the winter. The first cold days have landed on us and the joy free days of riding in a tee are over. Just a reminder to the people that have been wanting to drop there bikes off to get chopped. Now is the time. Winter is the best time to have your bike worked on, no days missed riding and when spring hits you are riding some chopper glory. As for us we have all started our winter projects, I have a new frame for my ironhead that is gonna be koo koo. Tony is some kind of backward ass chopper deal now owns my old red bike. Johnny is getting his 350 done and is already planning the next build. Good times and feel free to drop Tony or I a line to get your cycle done up proper.Full paint, engine rebuilds, frame mods, wacky parts, street racers, whatever it is as long as it is not stock we are into it.

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