Sunday, October 31, 2010

What in the world?

Like most of you I enjoy looking at blogs. I like to see what people are building, what projects people have going on and basically a little peep show into peoples lives. For the most part I like what I see but I have to say today I got so pissed off I had to share. For the most part I hate anything to do with bro's, drunk assholes, weed, bad tuff guy music, shitty bikes/cars (my opinion of course), and anything that has been done before. Like swazi's, it has been done before. Bikers in the 60's tried to freak out the squares with them, Sid vicious freaked out some limey ass's with them but seriously it has all been done before. If you are just a racist then straight up fuck you anyway. All I see going on right now are a bunch of Bro's trying to be the next big biker star. Trust me when I say this but your image doesn't mean shit. Just because you dress like a period correct biker does not mean you are a biker. Shaving a fashion hawk does not make you a punk. Wearing a pair of Vans and a Pendleton does not mean you grew up in SOCAL. Bolting a bunch of crap from ebay together does not make you a bike builder. Do you get it? The Anchor is our little piece of magic. We have made it exactly what we want and you will never see a swazi/iron cross, bad paint job, sloppy, pile of shit leave our shop. Further more I would rather have the 6 friends that know what is up in the big scheme of things then a bunch of fly by nighters that are jumping on some kind of bandwagon. Anyways my whole life my mouth as got me in trouble so why should I quit now. Fuck all the fake ones and love the real ones. Anchor Motorcycles

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