Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chopper Jockey Call Out!

Well in about a month June 11th to be exact we are all going to Des Moines for the Dice Party. We will leave the shop at 10:00 and be there by 2 ish granted there is no major issue's. I am calling you out! Get your two wheeled freedom mo'sheens ready and ride out with us. I may be crazy but I would like to roll into Des Moine about 20 bikes deep. Once we get there it will just be party time and hanging out. Sunday we can all ride back together or every man for themselves, who cares really. The main point is to get out and RIDE YOUR FUCKING BIKE. Oh and if we get the most dudes to ride out there, there is money, gas, and free crap to be had. I do believe any one that rides from KC will get free taco's and beer for the entire night. Crazy stuff will be going down all night for sure. So mark your calenders kids, Sat. June 11th 2011 10:00a.m. at the Anchor we leave.

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