Sunday, May 8, 2011

Motor dress up

Well the big decision was to go for the HEI or keep the Mallory dual point. HEI won with the fact I could only run one wire and be rolling. Not to mention any and every auto part store on earth has the parts for it. Cal Custom valve covers for the nostalgia and no rust. Bought a old FoMOCO 4 barrel dual plane intake off Todd K and Jeff P hooked me up with the 500 cfm Edelbrock. Found the air cleaner at Speedway and I still have about 10 inches of clearance. There was a clearance issue with a old style air cleaner so I went for the velocity stack K+N. Adds torque,easy to work on carb, and is reusable. I will start welding up fire wall holes fairly soon and then put some paint on.

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