Sunday, May 22, 2011

R.I.P. Bill Henry

Got some horrible news today that one of the greatest living mechanics I have ever known died yesterday. Bill was a true friend and always down for a thrashing. Bill had helped everyone I knew in Ventura in one way or another. He had a amazing collection of little pages, Hot Rod parts, and skills to pay the bills. I will miss the calls from all the So Cal shows, he would call and always say "Rick where are you, we are at...." And then go on about how great the show is and how great the cars were. I was usually looking outside at 2 feet of snow. It doesn't matter I will still miss it. It is hard to say goodbye when he is 1800 miles away but I am thinking of you Bill and your family. I am glad we had the time together we had and will miss the times we can't have now. I will throw down some miles for you in the truck and am glad you kept the Econoline for all these years. I hate this.

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