Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leftovers hits the streets

Bike has already been Named" Leftovers". Pretty much had all this stuff laying around. Got a free 1983 Suzuki Gs450 and that is the motor going in. So here is the list so far.750 Honda front end, Ironhead Frame, 500t Honda rear wheel, tins from Sheas bike as well as the sissy bar. Old highway pegs kinda in the forward position. It will be kick shift set up and I moved the brakes to the front. Seat I bought at Born Free and until now it never looked good on anything. 2 into 1 Mac pipe with a kick up sets off the exhaust not to mention the one fishtail I have been putting on every bike for years. 12" apes look killer and really put the bike into biker territory. I am gonna make a 2 into 1 intake with a Mikuni kick out the side a little. All that is left is the coil mounts and a battery box/electronics to be figured out. Not bad for one day of work. This will be for sale as soon as it is done look out for progress pics.

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