Saturday, November 26, 2011

Done with Leftovers

Forgot to take a pic of the done bike yesterday. Not bad really Started it last Friday and rode it yesterday. Fairly fast for a little bike. It has 6 gears and I used a way smaller back sprocket so I took off and it was like shift, shift , shift ,shift, shift ,shift. See it even looks like allot of shifting. Got it up into 6th and was seriously scaring me how fast I was going. Fun today I buttoned up the wiring and tweaked on the carb but it was raining all morning so no more test rides. Shea and I got the chrome stuff together and I am gearing up for the 81 motor build. Should be cool but I am missing a ton of little parts for the motor. All that means is more money. Been nice to just thrash on a bike and get it done. I take so much time building my bikes that I kinda forget that a simple no dollar bike is just as fun to build. As a whole I personally just can't get behind Jap bikes anymore. I have been there, done that kinda thing and at this point in my life I want a god damned BI G TWIN in a bad way. When I get like this I usually drive myself crazy but I always get what I want in the end. I have started my seed money and we will see what transpires. Thanks and have a great night.

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