Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anamosa Revisited

I remember about 7 years ago wanting a Sportster but never really having a way to get into one. I have had almost every type and brand of motorcycle out there but until I got my Ironhead I had never truly loved any of them. Sure they are a pain in the ass but all old motorbikes are. Once you get into your bike and want to know how shit works that is the point you truly own a motorcycle. If you just want to ride then buy a new bike, push a button and away you can go. When you invest 100's of hours building a bike that is the true meaning of love. Anyway I had some good riding this weekend and I hope some of you folks out there did also. Sportsters are amazing if you take the time and work out all the tweaker repairs and bad tuning some other ass did. Buy the manual, read every god damn word like it is the bible and at some point it starts sinking in. Best advice I can give.


  1. When they're running right they're what motorcycling is all about. An ironhead pays dedication back in full!

  2. She was a cruel (and expensive) mistress for me, but sometimes I still miss her.

  3. A fascinating look at the history of the bicycle. It was exciting to walk around and read through each of the bikes located in the museum, But Anomosa is disappeared from the museum.
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