Saturday, April 19, 2014

Top 5 Saturday

Hi Ho the weather has broke. After the longest winter in history the weather is finally good outside. Been busy getting some work done on the Ironhead motor and by the weekends end I will have the cases back together. Then it all the little nit picking items till its all buttoned up. Got a new Iphone and have not transferred any pics so I am just gonna post some more of the Yoakum photos. 
Top 5 Saturday
Top 5 Albums to drive around listening to.

Number 1. Nebraska- The Boss. As many times as I've listened to this record it never gets old ever. I don't know how he even wrote those songs for that record. One record that is inspiring, and so dark it can evoke love and losing love all in one trip through the record. 

Number 2. Come On Die Young- Mogwai. If you like landscapes and layers then this is the record for all things awesome. I went a few years with out listening to it but I am back on the CODY record almost everyday lately. Mogwai are the only band that does what they do in the the way that they do it. Other bands try other bands fai. The pure guitar based record is of course why I'm drawn to it. 

Number 3. Converge Converge Converge- All Records. When I feel like shit, when I'm happy, when I feel lost they are the one band I go to. I like the fact they have beat the odds and have been a band for 20+ years. And have not lost that edge that unexplainable thing that makes them progress but never lose there sound. I have never been in a band like that. I'm jealous

Number 4. Old Timey Country- I did not want to just put one artist for this one because I change it a lot. Right now its been Lefty Frizzel last week it was nothing but Charlie Feathers. I have always been drawn to real music with real emotions. Tear in the beer, hole in my bucket, last dollar and a broken heart sorta stuff. Speaks to me and I love the sound of steel guitar.

Number 5. Dear You- Jawbreaker. Songs that seem to be written about me and I love singing along. They have been gone for along time now and it sucks. Heard they played some shows in Oakland and I seriously thought about buying a plane ticket to go. I saw there last show in LA and I will say I have never missed a band like I miss Jawbreaker.


  1. Good shit mate . . . I got a little somethin' to send your way . . . just going to check to see if I've got your address on the box the love came in, record gets played this coming weekend.

  2. Glad you got it ok. I was starting to freak out a little. Hope it gets played a lot.