Saturday, April 5, 2014

Week in Pictures/ Top 5 Saturday

Been busy this week. Got Shea's bike all buttoned up, Did a photo shoot for the shop and then broke the Shovelhead. New spits record has been on heavy rotation. They are so good at playing caveman style punk rock. Sometimes thats all I want to hear. Broke the stud off my clutch hub so I fixed it all up over the week and made it look all pretty.
Top 5 Saturday
Top 5 Broken Motorcycle Stories.

Number 1. I would say Sturgis break down was one of the least crucial except I got taught a lesson. Never ever use unknown vintage electronic parts on a bike you are going to be riding 3 states away. I was rescued by a guy named Poontail. Hilarious

Number 2. Rd Chopper brake stay came loose and when I went to put the brakes on the brake rod spun around the hub and locked up the tire doing about 60 mph. Talk about OH FUCK moment. I will say sliding side ways is way better then having no brakes. I bent the rod around the hub and then pushed the bike like 3 miles home. Riding it up hills then coasting down with my boot jammed in the front tire for slowing down. Broken brake stay so the brake plate was trash, One worn out boot, and a very wary rider for a couple of weeks.

Number 3. Man I was hungry that day. I left work on a hot summer day and was going to ride about 20 miles to eat then jam back to work. I hit the highway at full throttle getting up to speed then all of a sudden I felt this weird sideways slushy back and fourth feeling in the rear. Then BANG the tire pops and I'm doing a solid 75 mph and the bike is drifting between 3 lanes on I35 and I am just hanging on for dear life. I was doing a pretty good flattrack motion with my boots just keeping it up then I started hearing car tires squeeling and thats when I got scared. So I wrangled the bike off the freeway once it started slowing down and just sat there a minute catching my breath. So fucking close to going down. There were skid marks for about 1/2 mile going all over the place. I called my boss to come get me off the freeway. I went back to work with no lunch and a healthy respect for life. Ended up I had 3 spokes break and one worked its way through the tube. I had Old Man Jim lace me up a wheel with 9mm Stainless spokes. No more problems.

Number 4. Left for Born Free 3 on the Ironhead. Got about 100 miles before it shit the bed. Again never trust third world electronics on your bike. A Vtwin regulator shit the bed and was over charging my battery. Like 20 volts. So my little 4AH battery looked like a softball and was so hot it burnt my arm. Shawn came and rescued me. I split out at 4 in the AM to catch the fellows in Denver on the Triumph. I did not have to do a single thing to the Triumph. Go figure.

Number 5. This is Tony's story but honestly it was fucked. We were riding out o Santa Rosa NM for the Horse show. In the middle of the desert Tony had a blow out. Ended up someone forgot a rim strip on the rim. WTF. So the next two days were filled with pulling the tire on and off trying to get tubes patched etc etc. Some guy from a dealer ship brought up a tube and charged us full fucking price plus a delivery charge. The worlds most expensive tube ever. There are pictures on the blog of us wrestling that fucking tire on and off on the side of the road. So guys hauled his bike into Santa Rosa. Never say humanity is all fucked. There are some solid people out there in this world.As a side note the day we left to ride home was one of the best rides I have ever had. The air in the desert is so crisp in the early morning. You get cold like really cold. As the day progressed the sun warms you up and the miles just peel away. As the day went on guess what my Ironhead ate another battery and it was caused by a VTWIN regulator. Lessons

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