Saturday, June 7, 2014

When I'm Busy I'm Busy..........

Kinda been out of it the last two weeks. Sorry but by now if you haven't found my Instagram do so. Its Anchormoto. So here is the last two weeks in pictures. Been busy on customer stuff and tomorrow I go pick my tins up and another Ironhead to work on. Good times. Helped Tyler fix his Ironhead last week when his mechanical advance went Boom! Never in all my years seen a set go that bad and the bike still kinda ran. Got a 750 Honda I am throwing together for a club brother and I have Nick Reynolds Digger in for a new set of pipes. I did these real quick but Nick wants them going one out the left and one out the right. So the front pipe is gonna go out the left side and the rear goes out the right. Ill give it a go. I do like these over/under pipes though. On to the next week. Top 5 SaturdayTop 5 reason to Love/hate everything!

Number 1. It is the ying yang of the universe there is simply no way around it.

Number 2. I'll take motorcycles for example there are so many things I love about them and flip the coin and there are more things I hate about them.

Number 3. Some kind of love there some kind of Hate. I'm gonna tell you all about now. Misfits song says it all.

Number 4. Knuckle tattoo's . Seriously they fit perfect. You want to be tough then here is the answer. 

Number 5. There are some bands  out there that upon first listen I fucking hated with all my soul.Then many months or even years later I hear them again or in the background and I'm all like Huh what is this. Then I find out and they are my new favorite band till I wear it out then I hate it again.

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