Saturday, June 7, 2014

So After.....

So after many many moons I have to report the Norton project is finally done. Like in the books I have rode it and it rips. Took it out to my favorite spot in the sticks and shot the pics of it next to the puffy clouds. I really had no idea it was gonna be so fast and punchy. I will say between a Triumph, Bsa, or Norton the Norton  will straight spank the others. So Russ the owner finally has his bike in his garage. Granted none of the extreme amount of time was do to me but the shop that built the motor did a shit job and really made the project take 2 years longer then it should have. Oh well and never ever use Baxter in Iowa for any kind of service work. EVER! Maybe one of the weirdest builds I've done but I feel more satisfaction with this one because it pushed me to think outside my little chopper worm hole I have stuck myself in. I'm right back in it now!

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  1. Awesome bike, I've always liked shorter straight handle bars on customs, the handle bars, and back fender make the bike--- great custom