Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some May Say....

Some may say I can't leave anything alone. This I can only shrug and say "Yes this is true". Found some good used 2 over legs so I went for it. Rebuilt the whole front end and it is 4 inches lower now and rides supreme. Just got back from a nice little ride with Mike and Shea. 80 degrees out and perfect. Had to leave out the preload spacers because the bike is so light it was making the front end rigid. Put 10wt fork oil and now it is like a greasy ninja down the road. Not to mention it sits level again. After the derake the stance was a little up in the air.


  1. The bike is a RULER, Ricky! YOur eye for detail is incredible! Makes me want to hit the road and ride for sure! Ride the hell out of it! Congrats,

  2. Thanks man this bike is gonna see a ton of miles this summer so the front end had to be done. I liked it before but the drop is where its at.