Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

So like most weeks I have been listening to allot of music. So Top five records of this week.

Number 1. Johnny Cash-Solitary Man- I think he is the best there ever was, will be, or to come. Every song on here is perfect and that is all I can say. Do yourself a favor and buy all the American recordings records.

Number 2. Converge-Petitioning the Sky- Absolutely the best 90's hardcore record period. It is a mix of blast beats and slow churning death. The record has been played in the thousands of times and it never gets old. One of the only Hardcore bands that has gone the distance and never sucked. They consistently make good records and are still making good records. I believe they just had there 20th year ep come out. Crazy

Number 3. Weekend- Sports- So this is my go to morning record. The first track is simply happy and loud. Then the record gets a little slower and the songs just mellow out. Very My Bloody Valentine and in a good way. Lots of layered guitar and the singing is there but not really in the mix. Good driving music, good working music, good music.

Number 4. The Lords of Altamont-To hell with- So I will just say I love fuzzed out garage rock and these fellows do it well. No B.S. here just straight up rock and roll all with the guitars on 11. Songs about motorcycles, girls, juvenile delinquency, etc etc. Most of the guys have been in bands for years so the y have skills. Jake is a great frontman and he can toss around a Farfisa organ like it is a toy. You can listen to all there records and not tell which one is which and that is a good thing.

Number 5. Abandoned - Killed by Faith- After the Adolescents broke up Tony the Singer went on to the Abandoned. The years of signing the same songs had taking there toll so with this new band he went insane. The songs are ripping 80's punk but a little heavier. The title track Killed by Faith is my fave but the Black Widow is a a close second. I searched for 7 years to find this record. Then the Adolescents came to town 20 years later and I asked Tony about the Abandoned. He was very cool and excited that I had brought up this band. We sat and talked a minute and mentioned that I searched for 7 years to find that record. He says he has like a hundred copies in his closet that the label gave him. Fuck

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