Saturday, April 28, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

 So todays top 5 are some rules I always use while building my bikes. When dealimg with customers they do get bent but I always try and bend there will to my side. 

Number1. No sharp lines- Motorcyles are beautiful and sexy machines. All old bikes have these amazing round lines and I like to just make these lines a little better. I let the bike tell me what it wants. If it doesn't like it it will let you know by falling off down the road. Some kind of cosmic power.

Number2. Riding position- Take into account the size of yourself and the size of your bike. Your bike is gonna handle you like a bar fight if the dimensions are off. Like if you are 6'6 and 300 pounds you don't want to build a Honda Rebel. Also what kind of riding are you gonna due. If it is around town only then a tight set up will be fine. Long haul riders need some more room and multiple positions for your feet.

Number3 Handle bars- The biggest game loser in the bike builders handbook. You took all this time to piece your bike together then buy some POS janky ass bars. Cables don't fit right, throttle sticks etc etc. Again this would fall under owners personal taste but let me tell you the spike, lightning bolt, 24" inch pull backs are not doing your 750 Honda any good.  I like to see my gas tank so some bars that leave the tank area open is a must. I also do not like being stretched out like a rubber band just to reach the bars. So work it out.

Number4. Exhaust- Also falls under no crazy lines please. Look at all the bikes I have built and not a single one has any retarded crazy shaped exhaust. I like the exhaust to help the flow of the bike but also move the gases out from me. I just set up a sidewinder pipe up on my Ironhead. Rammed 10" glasspack mufflers in the ends and now I have a solid fairly quiet set up. Bike is running better then ever and I can almost hear myself think on the highway. Loud pipes are for show and no go. Fuck that give me some back pressure and some throat to follow.

Number5 Don't Rush Me-  Anyone that has actually put a bike together knows how long it takes. Fucking forever is the answer. Even for me or Tony it is a tedious process and if you don't have the salt to go the distance then don't even start. All the bullshit is worth it the first time you get to ride it but up till that point it is fucking miserable. I am still changing stuff out on my new bike. Can't decide on bars and the controls are pissing my off as well. So take heed when you delve into a chopper project you have to jump head first and be willing and able to go the full coarse. It is addicting and the reason I keep building bikes but the stress is sometimes to much. I have had to walk away from a bike and just scream. Then pick up from the same spot and keep going. Patience is the key and is a good lesson for life. Building bikes, raising kids, being married, playing in a band some how are all related when you step back and really work at something whole body and soul. Motorcycles are so much more then a accessory.

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