Sunday, April 1, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

So this week I have been thinking of the trips for the summer. So Top5 events I want to make it to.

Number 1 Torque Fest Iowa. John is a good dude and has his heart in the right place. The Punk Rods have been involved since the first show and it is nice to go to a show and get to enjoy myself. Also this year we are gonna have a death match mini bike race at the show. Good times for sure.

Number 2 Born Free Cali. So last year I got to ride out but this year I am not going to be able to swing that. So I am gonna fly out and just hang out with some friends, then hit the show on Saturday. Sucks not being able to ride out but family and work are more important this year not to mention money. It is coming up so fast I need to get my tickets.

Number 3 Salina KKOA The leadsled spectacular is one of the best car shows on earth. It is always hotter then hell in Salina KS but the drags on Friday night are killer. We have gone out in mass for years now and I look forward to it all year. There are no bikes allowed so it is kinda neat to just look at old kustoms, hot rods and hang out.

Number 4 Love Thy Chopper Denver. 100 percent riding out to this show this year. The only thing about this show is I have to ride across KS again. That sucks in so many ways. I think I will take side two lanes all the way out then just haul ass across 70 on the way back. Denver is a cool city and I would like to hit Wax Trax up while I am there.

Number 5 Ride The River STL I have been wanting to go check out this run in Saint Louis Mo. I think it has something to do with Brass Knuckle Choppers. Looks killer though and it is only 3 hours away. The ride follows the Missouri river and ends up and a camp site with show intertwined.

So take some time and plan some trips. I enjoy the anticipation and then the build up to leaving. Both my bikes are running good and I am wanting to hit the road.


  1. I think you meant the "River City Riot" for #5 put on in conjunction with Bare Knuckle choppers, Cycle Source, going nowhere fast blog, and many other gracious sponsors. No dates set yer for 2012 but stay tuned to the Blog.