Sunday, April 29, 2012

True Stories

   So even after my post yesterday I am being tested. I have been trying bars on the 63 all week trying to find a pair that make it all flow and comfortable. Ended up with a old vintage set of 6 inch riser and some narrowed up drag bars. Remember that this is a fairly small bike so keeping the front end looking clean is the only way to go. So I cut 2 inches out of the center and welded them all back up so the welded spot is under the clamp of the riser. Cut 2 inches off each end and there you have it. I like to get the curve in the bar right next to the risers. Anyways after that I made a new cable out of old cables and set the clutch lever up. Looks good feels good so all should be good. Fire it up and take off for a little jaunt. Get about 2 miles from my shop and BANG clutch lever goes limp. Thought I broke a cable so I turn around and rode it back after pushing for a while. Some how or another the little puny clutch cable holder in the side cover got destroyed. Like mangled and then shit out of a cannon. So I tried to manipulate the shreds of steel back into a C shape. 5 times later I gave up cut the ends off and made my own super heavy duty cable holder. Let me just say this ruined my day and I was about to kill this bike. I left and went home for dinner and to hang out with the kids. Went back and figured it out. Went for a ride and all is good with the world again.

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