Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finding Some Inspiration/ Top 5 Saturday

Trying to get stoked for the riding season to start. I have to say I thought a lot about the Sturgis trip I did last year which is why I am revisiting the pics I love from that trip. I longest ride I have done alone and I loved it truly. Nothing like knowing if shit goes down you just deal with it. Living in the moment and the only thing that matters is not getting run over and when the next gas stop is coming up. 

Top 5 Saturday.
Top 5 Reasons To Love Jennifer.

Number 1. She is A cutie pie
Number 2. She can act best in the fucked up rolls like Career Opportunities.
Number 3. Freckles and that doe eyed stare she does.
Number 4. Seems to be pretty grounded as famous people go.
Number 5. She looks amazing in a tank top. IE Career Opportunities again.

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  1. Here's to a long, hassle free summer mate, suck it in . . . and yes, Connelly is quite the gal, was Career Ops that long ago ??? God I'm old.