Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week in Review Kinda/ Top 5 Sunday

Of course after my last week at the day job nothing was going to go smooth. I need to download all the real pics from this week but I sold my Ironhead to a friend in the club. Actually I have no sellers remorse really. That bike showed me a ton of  lessons and got me in front of the learning curve as old Harleys go. I felt It was time for a change and BANG its gone. So what I did do was score a 1989 883 Sportster and I picked up a 1978 RD 400 Yamaha. So sell one buy two and still have a wad of money in my pocket. Already have the 883 all ripped apart and is getting a full on work over. Rewiring the whole thing and think I am going in the street chopper swingarm vibe. 4 over tubes and leave the rear stock. All black paint and gold mags maybe. High mount the tank and regear the rear sprocket down for highway riding. Plan as of now is to ride this one to Cali in a month. We shall see.So I'm sitting here trying to drink ALL the coffee and think of a top 5. Usually I have already thought this shit out but this Sunday am I am all kinds of Poo Brained. 
Top 5 reasons for Poo Brains
Number 1. No Sleep No Money No Time No Stopping the thinking right back to No Sleep.
Number 2. New bike means thinking about all the options over and over and then changing your mind over and over.
Number 3. Feel like I could use a few months off in the wilderness. Just a tent and a motorbike. Living in the world and just riding all the bullshit out of my life. That would also go into the dreams and shit scenario.
Number 4. My body is not soaking up the coffee fast enough!
Number 5. Listen to Fucked Up and you"ll understand!


  1. Digging your plans for the new sporty..but even more interested in hearing what you have planned for the Yamaha! Back in the day when I was a kid my buddy and I would blast around his neighborhood on one of those RD's. That mofo would get with the program quick!!! Hell anything feels fast to two teenage punk I never thought I would say it out loud but I'm really feelin' the cafe racer style right now. probably uncomfortable as fuck to ride and would make my 42 yr old back ache for days...but damn it would be fun. Look forward to seeing what you have going with these 2 new bikes Ricky! Keep doing your thing.

  2. Thanks Vince and yes riding cafe style bikes is for young kids or 5 mile jaunts. I'm thinking more like a street tracker/flatrack kinda thing. Flattrack bars and a little seat fender combo thing. I got a set of DG pipes and I need some carb rebuild kits and then I'll start the destroy part of the build. The sound and feel of a 2 stroke is quite intoxicating I have to admit.

  3. I gotta agree with you..the 2 stroke is a whole different animal. So damn cool. I was on youtube the other day and was looking at videos on the yama RD's. I came across one that was titled " yamaha 400 rd track day" or some shit like that...I was loving the sound of that 2 stroke ripping around the track. Obviously the bike had alot more done to it than the little stock 400 I rode around on but definitely brought back some smiles..and memories of road rash. Check it out when you get a minute. I know your a busy dude..Talk to later!