Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sorry Sorry

Sorry Sorry folks I was out of town in Keokuk hanging out. I have been neglecting my blogger so here is a dump of images. Put my two week notice in at the day job. Onward and upward friends. Got a new gig that shall be killer diller. Hot Rod shop was looking for a all around guy that that do a bunch of different stuff. I am that guy as of the 27th. working with my hands is all I ever wanted to do anyways. More bikes are coming in and I will be a busy bust fellow this summer.


  1. Huge man, hearty congrats, freedom of the soul is sweet.

  2. Congrats on the new job Ricky. Im happy you get to do what you love makes a difference. Been dying to see some killer pics from the bike show...figured you would have threw them up here by now! I see that you been out of town..makes sense..had to go over and see what Noot threw on his blog. Looks like the show was a success..and now damn snow! Keep on doing your thing man!