Thursday, May 29, 2014

SLC 2014 Visit

Found myself with a week off. Decide to go make a little road trip. Went through Nebraska and yes I listened to the Boss as some sort of homage. Hung out with Dennis Saum in Marquette Ne. He has some nice cars and has been building hot rods since 1958. Good stuff indeed. Best thing was I mentioned I was looking for a flathead and with one phone call and 1000 dollars out of my pocket I now have a running flathead for the truck. Made my way to SLC to hang out with my best friend Jay. It was so cool to see him and get a deluxe tour of the city. We got his FXR dialed in so I could ride that. I liked it a lot and I wasn't even sure I had ridden because I wasn't sore or achy. Whatever enjay and I'll post a bunch of shit this weekend. Pangea bars went on the second I got home. Andy was way cool.

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