Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week in Pictures/Top 5 Saturday

Well as you all know by now hopefully I have a Instagram account which is why this has been lagging lately. Go find@anchormoto. No fear I figured out how to download pics to here off the new phone gadget. So my week in pictures. 
Bought new/used truck
Vintage Iron show 
Keokuk visit
Rode bikes
Hobo point
Rode to car show
Battery pooped out 45 miles from home
Fixed bike
Sold Bike
Ripped my heart out!
Ate some delicious cobbler.
The End
Top 5 Saturday

Number 1. If you say your bike runs like a top it will break two blocks after you leave.

Number 2. Save money save money save money and right before you get to buy your dream item some stupid shit like your car will break down. Then you have to start all over.

Number 3. Nick Cave said it best! He just does

Number 4. You have a choice of buying the American made part for twice the price of the foreign  one. You will buy three of the cheaper one before you realize you should have bought the American one. 

Number 5. Everything cool has already been exploited, used up, pimped, whored ,and sold to the very people you wanted nothing to do with.

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