Saturday, January 21, 2012

Past Rides

Moldy oldies. I have had allot of cars but these are my favorite. The Falson was my first real car build. Learned allot about wrenching and what looks good. Sold it after 5 years or so and bought the 56 Buick Special. 322 Nailhead was the coolest motor ever. In 2000 I got the 52 Chevy pickup. Slow as death but still fun. The 67 Rivi was the best driving car I have ever owned. Drove like a cadi sitting only 4 inches off the ground. First flame job I ever tried to do. I like seaweed flames and these took along time to lay out. Panels on top and flames running the length of the body. I was trying to get the 56 B3uick grill to work in the Rivi at this point. I had put a 53 Buick grill in the 56 right before I sold it. The bike is the OG 75' 500t Honda. First hard tail and I welded those pipes up the morning of the show. I believe this is the first Primer National show in 2004. They were Triumph scrambler pipes that I reworked to weld to the Honda header pipe. I eventually cut the hard tail off and remade it with a little bit of stretch. I had just put the CZ tank on it also which it still has. Good times and sorry for the pics of pics but I don't like scanning stuff. I bought the 64 Falcon 20 years ago this year. Man I am old.

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