Saturday, January 21, 2012

Top 5 Saturaday

How about we talk about shop stuff today. It has taking me a long time to amass my shop set up. i always made do with what I had but lately I have been hell bent on getting the right tools. Nothing pisses me off more then not have the right tool for the job. So with that here is the top five for Saturday

Drill press 1. What can I say about this tool. Drilling holes in metal is about the most important thing in the world. I went for years drilling everything with a hand drill. Of course with a drill press means you need a good set of drill bits, hole saws,center punches, clamps etc etc. For the price they are the best tool in any ones shop.

Sheet Metal break 2. Once I got into doing tanks and really working on my car this is a must. I do not have a sheer but a jigsaw does a pretty good job and then the break lets you make the shape you need. Battery boxes, seat pans, patch panels all can be done with ease.

Misc grinding 3. What I meant by this is don't just buy one little grinding disc. Buy a bunch of different ones. Different sizes, texture, and material. Doing metal prep is something you have to do when welding. I use allot of grinding wheels for various things. I usually buy all these expendable type things at Harbor Freight. They are cheap and when they get used up just throw them out and grab a new one. Sears sells flap disc for 7.99 a piece and HB has a 4 pack for 9.99. Cut off wheels are even cheaper and I use them allot.

Scissor jack 4. These little scissor jack is the best little jack in the world. You can pick one up for about 50 bucks. They have a flat plate on the bottom and top. Fairly stable and will raise a bike up 16 inches. I use mine on the bike lift allot. Keeps things from moving around and on the ground they are great for pulling a wheel off.

Bike lift 5. I still can not believe I worked on the ground for years before I got a lift. I did build a table that helped allot but a real hydraulic lift is the way to go. Mine doubles as a welding table, frame jig, paint booth, , engine stand, etc etc. Being able to get to everything at eye level is the best. I would sell a kidney if need be for a new lift if mine takes a shit. No joke.

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