Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Saturday the 7th of Jan. Top 5 this week is gonna be a doozy. Top 5 reasons not to give a shit what others are doing.

Number1. Blog influence- I of course use my blog to show what I am up to and show off some customer bikes. Others use theirs to show nothing and do nothing. I have found myself just staying off of the computer all together. It is a dream world out there. I live in Kansas City MO and we are about the most dead center a place as you can get. There is no scene here and without the 4-6 guys that have bikes I would still be riding alone and actually I still ride alone about 90 percent of the time.When I moved here I knew no one that had a chopper. I brought my So cal style to the Midwest and have since met so good fellows that are like minded. Granted there are only a few that are ate up over choppers like I am.

Number 2. Timeless- Choppers are forever, Hot Rods are forever. A proper chopper will forever and always be at the forefront of cool. One hundred years from now a chopper is gonna still be what it looks like now. Forget about all the bullshit fads and whatever. Build yourself a timeless period correct or not chopper. It all has been done before so don't even think for a minute you have a original idea. You can except this and then build a bike with this in mind. All it is is a motor, two wheels, and some tins. Other then that it is amazing at what kind of abominations people build.

Number 3. Love Thy Bike- It was in the bible I think. Maybe just my bible. Nothing gets my goat more then seeing a bike neglected. If you don't give your ol girl what she needs then she is gonna burn you. Take pride in your bike, while you are on it blasting down the highway you want to know nothing is gonna fall off. I take great pride in my bike. I know there are better bikes or faster bikes but I know I have done my homework and if it breaks I am the only one to blame. Screw what everyone else thinks a tidy bike is a happy bike.

Number 4. Scene report- Nothing to report here. I had a funny short conversation with Chopper Dave at the Dice party. He was saying how rad the Midwest was because we don't have all the scenester fucks screwing it up. I agreed and said about the same. We are just lucky to meet anyone else that has a bike. I mean if you have a bagger there are millions of people but a chopper you are screwed. I never thought of it as a blessing but in hind sight he is right. I grew up in Cali and let me just say when you go to a show and everyone there is flexing and trying there hardest to be the biggest, loudest, most chopper guy in the land. It gets old real fast. These are the guys that ruin everything. Same for car guys, they are a bunch of pre-madonna sissy boys. They are more worried about there hair/clothes then having a legit ride. That is why I love my club the Punk Rods. Just a bunch of solid grease monkeys that don't get all nancy about anything.

Number 5. Why are you here- Good question I suppose. I ask myself this all the time. I don't care what is going on in the bike world. It is just smoke and mirrors. I will be here doing what I do until I can't pick up a hammer. So ask yourself this every once in a while. Why do you need a chopper? For me it is like a artist painting or how a bird has to fly. I crave the outlet. I'll spend hundreds of hours building my bikes then you get to go ride them. It is the best therapy out there. Satisfaction at its best. I lay in bed and think of brackets, sit and draw exhaust,think of retarded paint jobs, etc etc. If you just want to ride then by a new bike. If you want a relationship that pays 10 fold go vintage.

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