Saturday, January 14, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Today we will talk about Motorcycles. I will list my favorite motorbikes ever. I have almost owned every type and make of bike out there. Excluding a new Harley, I have never had the salt to pay that much for a cycle. I got my first real dirt bike at 10 I think and I have owned a bike ever since. There was some dry spells but for the most part it has always been cars and bikes.

Number 1. 1982 YZ 80. My first real dirt bike. For the times it was the fastest thing I had ever owned. The sound of a well running little zinger is the best. I can't wait to take my boy out and let him rip. I got it for christmas in 83 and I rode the piss out of that bike till I got my KX 80 a year later.

Number 2. 67 BSA 441 Victor. Still hate that I sold this bike. This bike is the one that made me learn how to work on old bikes. These bikes are known for being hard to start and mine was the worst. I have never owned another one since and my knee still hurts I think. Very fun though when it was running. Light and nimble and the big thumper motor was a torque monster, but slow as shit.

Number 3. 1975 Honda 500t. My first jap street bike. When I picked it up it was already treated to a ghetto cafe racer look. Clubmans and the seat was trimmed down. It was fun but this is the bike that was my first chopper. I got my first welder and tried to hardtail it in my back yard. I hated the first one so I cut it off and made my own. I rode this bike for a few years and was the first bike I got a award with at the first David Mann chopperfest 2004. I was very proud of this bike but it was a pile in reality and after I blew the motor up it sat for a year or so until I put the rd350 motor in the frame. In that set up I took it to the Horse West show and took a top ten trophy. It was a good little chopper.

Number 4. 1970 R5 350. By far the most fun bike I have owned to ride. Scored this bike on Ebay for cheap. It was a local bike so I picked it up and when I got there it would not start. I low balled the guy down some more and brought it home. Rotted out ground strap was the reason. 5 minutes later I was off ripping up town. Fun little bike and I really do love the sound of two stroke bikes. They aren't tuff sounding but the ring a ding sound is intoxicating. The smoke cloud that explodes as you whack the throttle open is like have the Batman smoke screen.

Number 5. Moto Guzzi 750 Eldorado. Not much to speak of except this is how me and Tony met. He had this bike for sale and I had some money. These are the weirdest bikes to ride ever. The transverse v twin motor makes for a very odd bike.
When you whack the throttle open the whole bike would dive to the right. So I ended up trading this bike to Brian for my 67 Triumph 650. I loved the Triumph and for the first time I really fell in love with a motorcycle. The Triumph was a pain in the ass for a long time but I learned allot from it.

Number 6. 68/79 Harley Sportster. Started this bike from a ebay motor. I have built this bike now 4 different times and I love the bike as a whole. If you take the time a work out all the bugs they are great bikes. I had never owned a big displacement bike until now. 1000cc motors are great. Plenty of torque and with the gearing played with the bike will flat out go. Ridden this bike all over and in the next year I am gonna kill some miles.

This is not all the bikes I have had. There was a time where I had a 750honda, 2008 Triumph, pile of Triumphs, 73 Rd 350, 73 Rd250, It 250, etc etc. I love motorcycles and that is that.

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