Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

I had a thought this week about music. Everything I do revolves around music. I get into my shop and the first thing I do is turn on music and get ready to work. So this week is gonna be my Top 5 records to work to.

Number 1. Johnny Cash- This should be a giving seeing that he is the baddest MFer to ever live. I finally got all the American recording records and the box set so I can go for hours with JC telling me how it is, was , and should be. The man lived a amazing life and I am so glad he did these last records. I love his early records but I truly feel he did his best work on the American records. The songs are humble and straight forward. In the times we live in it is hard to believe that Johnny only needed a guitar to change the world.

Number 2. Electric Wizard- There Black Mass record has been on heavy rotation as of late. Super Fuzzed out heavy as a ton of bricks Rock and Roll. Having a super cute lady rocking the guitar is a plus. The riffs are great the songs are long and the record is a blistering fester from beginning to end. Mind blowing.

Number 3. Black flag- It is funny that after 20+ years I am still in love with Black Flag. Why you may ask? Well there first 4 years record is about as awesome as it gets. Greg Ginn's guitar assault on all the songs are mind blowing. This record has all the first OG singers. That doesn't matter the songs are short and the singing all rules. Buy it now.

Number 4. Bloodshot Bill- The wildest Canadian Rockabilly Trash that ever lived. Bill has his feet into all kinds of stuff, but his one man band bloodshot Bill as amazing. The songs are raw and the singing is somewhere between growling, howling , and teenage lovemaking. The Rockabilly Trash record is my Fave and is hard to find but if you really want it you can find it.

Number 5. Back from the Grave Comps- These are put together from Crypt Records. All the volumes have tons of obscure 60's garage bands. Even if the songs aren't good they are better than any new music. I have burnt a ton from vinyl to the old Ipod. So hours and hours of fuzz and reverb can be heard with no breaks. I love the idea a teenage kids in there parents basements trying to write there own music. Some of it is really good but my favorites are the really loud crappy punk songs. Such a great time for music, it is a little before the hippie stuff and a little after the pop explosion. Anyways there are a ton of comps out there so take some time and look them up.

Runner ups Black Sabbath, Minor Threat, Beach Boys, The Mono Men, Hank SR, The Black Angels, Converge, Crocodiles, Weekend, Adolescents, The Ventures, Howlin Wolf, Charlie Feathers.

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