Sunday, February 19, 2012

Brakes Oh My!

So I have already got someone out there in blogland asking about my brake set up. On my other bikes the brake is on the right so I have done them a few times the same way. Use a disc brake set up on a drum brake frame is a pain. Adding the fact that it is on the left this time really blew my little mind. So I picked up a stock cross over shaft for a drum brake sportster. Cut the stop tab and the pull arm off and flipped the pull tab around so it goes in towards the frame 2 inches. The hole was all wallowed out so I welded it closed and redrilled a 5/16 hole in the right place. Next I bent up a bracket from some unknown jap bike to make a s shaped bracket or to reversed L's. One side bolts into the swingarm hole and wraps around the case. Drilled 2 3/8 holes in the other side so the master cylinder bolts on flush. Now the bracket can swivel a little so I can get the actuation perfect from the pedal. When it is set I just crank down the bolt and it isn't going anywhere. As for the brake arm I took a length of 1/2 stainless and started bending till I got it around the primary basket. I wanted it in front of the peg so I had to do some serious tweaking to get it there. For the foot pad the torch came out and a 90 was melted into shape. I took a little bit to mold all the welded joints so the pedal flows into the bracket. I love mechanical pieces on bikes and you can stare at this set up and watch it work. i was pretty happy all this worked out I was entertaining a master cylinder on the bars just to make this headache go away. Glad I did not go the short route. Disc brakes work better and that is a fact.Sure they take a little more work but when this bike is done it will look like it was meant to be. Thanks for your interest.

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