Saturday, February 25, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Top 5 reasons to own a chopper. Easy right? We will make a stab at it anyway.
Number1. I love the individuality of a chopper. My bike is the only one out there with the parts that are on it. I do not go through a catalog and order all the latest and greatest do dads for my chopper. For the most part I mix a good amount of one off parts with vintage items. Has always worked for me so I would imagine most guys do it this way.

Number2. Stock sucks and everybody that rides gets that. The difference is most fellows bolt on a bunch of bullshit to make there bikes look different. It takes a certain type to strip there bikes down and start from nothing. I did this today with the SR and let me tell you just stripping the bike down to the ground was great. I can now see what the lines look like and where I want them to go.

Number 3. Changes Changes is the name of the game. I am the worst or best at this. Only Tony changes his bikes as much as I do. I love the fact that nothing is sacred after you chop your bike. Fuck it just change it up when ever you feel like it. I have built the same bike 5 times and I am about to change it up again. So don't think you are gonna ride the bike forever the same way, it is liberating to change it up.

Number 4. Knowing your bike is pretty important. If you know how it went together then you will know how to fix it. Choppers can be super reliable if you do the work to get them there. Pretty nice only having 4 wires to worry about.

Number 5. CHOPPERS ARE COOL FOREVER. I am not even gonna pretend to say choppers aren't cool. The cool factor will always be a part of why guys ride choppers. It is a no brainer but I just wanted to say it out loud. You may be a dick but if you are riding a chopper at least your bike is cool, get it. So once a again I ranted and made no difference what so ever.

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