Saturday, February 18, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Ok folks here we go. Top 5 simple ways to maintain your cycle.

Number 1. Tire pressure- This is as simple as it gets but a huge thing if you are running on half flat tires. Not only does your mileage go down but your tires are wearing out uneven. If you ride allot just checking once a week or so but if the bike has sat check them every time you take it out.

Number 2. Chain Dummy- Ever had a chain break? It sucks and not only leaves you stranded but can seriously mess some stuff up as it goes flying. When adjusting your chain there should be the width of the chain slack. That is as you move the chain up and down it should not be looser than 3/4 of on inch. On the flip side of that you do not want it to tight. A chain that is to tight is also prone to breaking and ruining your drive shaft bearings. Also lube that bitch up. If the rollers are shiny than it is dry. Chain lube is cheap and simple to use. Spray it on all center area as the wheel is spun. Go in a back and worth motion until all roller area is coated. Most chainlube says to let sit for 20-30 minutes so lube has time to adhere. Then ride.

Number 3. Valve adjustment- Unless you riding a new bike your bike needs valve adjustments. Get the manual for your bike out, find the page with the lash measurements and go for it. I will say some bikes are easier to do than others.Once you do them a few times it will be a snap and your bike will be running better than ever.

Number4. Timing- This should of been number 1 in most important thing to do. Another deal where your manual will have what you need and the steps to do it. My Ironhead gave me fits but once I got the timing dialed in it has been a one kick wonder since. Another job that is overlooked but if you have a problem check your timing first then move on.

Number5. Wiring- The gremlin of the bike world. Granted I have got pretty damn good at wiring a chopper most people are scared shitless. Once your bike starts with the wiring drama it is all down hill from there. My advice is to gut the entire bike and start over. I know I know people have anxiety attacks thinking about wire, electricity, fittings, but if I can learn anybody can. Crappy wiring on a bike is a big thing and if you have a cool chopper with a spaghetti mess of mismatched wires then your bike is a pile. My advice is to go buy a good set of wire strippers and wire pliers at the local tool shop and just practice on some scrap wiring. Wire fittings as well as the tools have all the sizes on the tool. If you are working with 16 guage wire then you buy 16g fittings it is simple. That is where most hacks go wrong. Again if you use the right parts and tools things go allot easier. My first couple of wiring harnesses I laid out on the floor and just cut all the crap out of the stock harness. Then shorting all the the rest to size and just plug it in. Yes I had a learning curve but now it is one of my favorite jobs at the shop. I love a really clean wiring job and so does everybody else. What you can't see is the key folks.

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