Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

A little view into my reading. So top 5 things you should be or want to be reading. My taste is mostly along the magazine line but I have read some great books.

Number1. On The Road. I have read on the road like 6 times at this point and every time I get something else out of it. I long for a time that you could just leave a place and thumb your way across America.

Number 2. Rodders Journa.l Best car rag out there. If you want details and history about the cars you are lookinh at then this is the one for you. It is more a book then a rag and cost allot. There is no Retro BS going on in it. Just real good cars and the writing is always top notch.

Number 3. Chopper mags. There are quite a few out there now and I love all of them. My favorites are old rags but My collection needs some more in it.The end

Number 4. Ugly Things. Ugly Things is all about 60's punk rock. Every issue is crammed pack of knowledge and facts. I love music so reading about a band from the 60's that only made one 7 inch record then fell off the face of the planet is very fun. The writing is the best and again it is a large periodical type magazine. They do include some new record reviews and I have found some great bands through the Ugly Things.

Number 5. Hop UP. Just buy the first 12 issues book. It has all of the first 12 issues in one book. Timeless hot rod photos and has some great write ups. Like all things old I am fascinated by mechanical genius, so this will blow your mind. Men drove deathtraps at unimaginable speed ust for the fact of going fast. Great product reviews and always a legit girl in the back.

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