Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Springer Redo

So here it is. After about 5 hours and a small wad of money I shortened and rebuilt better then new this old springer. Shea had this on his bike for a minute and after I pulled it apart I was scared for him. When he bought it I believe it was about 10 over. We shortened it to about 4 over but left it all together when we did it. That is not the right way to go but as I found out it was allot easier. Just to get it apart took a solid hour. I broke one of the spring bolts trying to get the nut off. One came off with the heat put on it and the second one just snapped right off. the next hour was spent drilling out the broken bit from the fancy nut. I had to save it due to the spring sits in a little cup built into it. Lots of cussing and drill bits. So I pulled the springs and front leg out and I see the spring bolts are bent like a banana. So I cut both out and then punched out the part in the front leg. New home built spring bolts out of stainless and thread for the top spring nuts. Ever tried running a die on a piece of 1/2 stainless. Fine thread no less by hand.Pressed in to old holes and now have them set up to last forever.These springers from the 70's are poorly built even when they were new. So I drilled out the back leg to 5/8 and pressed in a new bronze bushing. Front legs got 1/2 heims. Cut new slugs and then spent a solid hour making sure everything was dead nuts square. Also had to weld in slugs for risers and cut down the stem so everything went together tight. Well worth it and now I have a 2 under super narrow little jam. Enjoy

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