Monday, July 16, 2012

Daves Brown Bitch

Dave is about done with his Digger. This is the same bike I built like two years ago, rode it about a month and the bike tried to kill me so I ripped it apart and the pieces sat in the corner until Dave got them. Let me just say not everyone can build a bike. It takes some patience and allot of time. Dave has both and not to mention the skills as a fabricator and idea man. There isn't a single piece on this entire bike that has not been fucked with. I truly am happy Dave built this bike and now KC has a true honest to god digger rolling it's streets. He has already had a flat tire and chips in the sick paint. That is the way it goes. That carb is seriously the craziest thing I have every rode with. It goes from idle to wide open in one blip of the throttle. Love it. We did a little motor work and made sure the motor was tits and it is. Noot did the machining and I put it all together two years ago now. Dave spent a week polishing the motor and it looks killer diller.  Ozark Hillbilly digger riding punk rod mother fucker. Love it Dave

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