Sunday, July 8, 2012

La Troca

Went down to the shop this morning and buttoned up the truck. I took the entire front end apart and inspected and replaced everything. Steering box, pittman arm, drag link, cross link, all got updated and/or replaced. while I was at it I pulled the leaf springs out and bought a set of 3 inch drop Posie springs. Now the truck sits almost level, I like the reverse rake it lets everybody know I am from Cali and that is how we do it. Exhaust manifold gaskets finally got change as well as the spark plugs and oil. I spent a few hours sanding and repainting all the spots that got boogered up this last year and am looking forward to going to the KKOA show out in Salina in a few weeks. It is a great show but the temps are always fucked. Anyways just thought I'd share a few pics.


  1. La troca looks la titties Senor, minimal chrome highlights and your homie stance are bitchin.

  2. Still love that thing. KKOA is gonna rule. See ya next Friday! I'll be around for a whole week of KC goodness!