Saturday, July 21, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

 Top 5 for Saturday is the story of love and hate. 2.5 things I love and 2.5 things I hate.

Number 1. Most hated thing in the world to me is fake people. Fake punks, fake bikers, fake whatevers. Nothing gets my blood pressure higher then hearing some ass say I WANNA BE A __________. There is only one way to be anything and that is to just BE. If you are gonna be a biker then you should probably ride a bike, if you are calling yourself a punk then you damn well better listen to and be punk. If you are just some old dude that loves bikes then that is what you are..People call themselves fabricators but can't weld, or even better they say they built a bike and what they are saying is they bought a bunch of shit from BLAH BLAH BLAH and bolted them on there bike. I'm calling you out. 

Number 2. Second most hated thing is a back stabber shit talking half stepping shit stinking back stepping I didn't say that mother fucker. I say what I want and usually I have a legit reason for saying it. I will say it to your face and either you can take it with a grain of salt or step up and give me an ear full. I have had people call me out on some shit and I respect them for it. I will not and do not respect shit talkers that talk all kinds of shit behind someones back and when you call them out on it they skulk back into a corner. Words are important and being able to use them is also important. Anyways with out backstabbers there would be no hardcore scene, every band on earth has written about it. Funny how out of something bad comes something good.

Number 2.5 PT1. I am in a serious funk about bikes at the present. All the customers that have been calling I have blown off and that is not so good. But they all have these terrible shitty projects. Like a half chopped CB 125. So with that said please if you are reading this and have been wanting some work done don't wait any longer shoot me an email and lets get the ball rolling. Of course I can help with a current project but my love is the big picture type builds. 

Number2.5 PT 2 Things I love as in my motorcycles. Sometimes I will just sit and stare at my bikes and still get that goofy feeling that these are mine. I will park my bike at work so I can walk by and get a glimpse of it while I am slaving away in the shop. It helps get me through the day. Why settle for a bike you don't love. I have had allot of people say that "If I had the money I would build______". Well why not have something you really want. A little sacrificing goes along way.

Number 3. Girls, Women, Females, Chickies, Babes, whatever you call it is a joy to be a male. Pretty girls are like a burden to men. They make us do DUMB shit over and over and we will do it again if giving the chance. Doesn't matter if the world was on fire and if a pretty young thing walked by you, you would stop and look. Who cares if you are on fire there is a pretty girl right in front of you. Silly I know at 38 to still  be girl crazy, but damn if they weren't so cute I wouldn't care at all. Damn

Number 4. Friends like in real friends. I have to say I am by nature a loner. I am who I am and most people don't like that. So I go about my business like everybody else just alone. I like riding my bike alone, skateboarding alone, listening to music alone but as of late I have been hanging out with some true friends. I like friends that aren't needy and say shit like "Why haven't you called me?". I hate that shit they have a goddamn phone to. I have some amazing friends I have bonded with through music, cars, bikes, geek stuff, etc etc. Even with my crazy juggling of time I appreciate the little bit I get to just hang out. So thanks.

Number 5. The Wife and Kids. Everyone has there support system either it is your parents or friends, AA, NA,or maybe MA. Motorcycles Anonymous. Funny I know. Anyways without the wife and kids this whole world would be for not. So Love the ones you love and hold them tight and disregard the ones that only steal time from you. Time is the enemy and it is a mother fucker. Kids grow up to fast and the faster they grow the older I get it is just fucked. Bikes are a really good distraction but the real deal is right in front of you. So there it is my friends another Saturday wasted.

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  1. 10/10 . . . respect for putting 'it' and yourself out there man, being true to you is paramount, from a non fabricator, non builder, aging punk/geek/bikelover.