Saturday, July 14, 2012

Street Chopper?

I want this fucking bike so bad I am mad. Swan is the kid that owns this fine sled. Good kid and works at the local coffee shop. He has a old Ranchero and bought this Enduro 400 to haul his ass around until the car is done. This bike is exactly what I am wanting. Think of the possibilities, curb jumping, park donuts, wheelies everywhere, and the sound these big single 2 strokes make is ungodly cool. Check out the 3 Harbor Freight led flash lights for a headlight. Trailer light on the bike just straight bolted through the fender. Rolling dirty as a coal miners chonies. Some kinda jap street bars and that is that. Damnit if you are reading this and know where one of these is rotting let me know seriously. No front fender means its a bobber right?


  1. Yeah buddy, tougher than dirt, just been perving at some CR480 action on PooTube, awesome stuff, best of luck in the hunt.

  2. Not so good at hunting i am much better at letting people find me.