Monday, July 16, 2012

Top 5 Monday

A few days late but I have been a busy little bee. Saturday we got Shea's car in primer and it looks amazing in one color. Michael is coming down to hang out and shoot the roof. So top 5 is gonna be kinda a repeat but I have some other thoughts on the subject. Why you should own a Ironhead Sportster

Number 1. If you like to work on your bike they will never leave you enough time to ride them. Wrench, ride, break, wrench, cuss, ride. etc etc. I get at least one call a week from some kid wanting to HELP at the shop. I understand they want to work and be around motorcycles but what I say is go buy a old bike and just give it a shot. If you want to learn allot real quick buy a old sportster.

Number 2. If you want to have that cool guy swagger in your step then a sportster will get you one real quick. Every missed a kick and had that bike drop kick you like a sack of shit. I have and last week up at Noot's place his bike kicked my knee into the past about 50 years. Still can barely walk with out a pimp stroll. Luckily my bikes start first kick and I love them for that.

Number 3. So many choices to choose from. Lately I am loving the early models like 57-68 or so. So fucking clean looking and classy. The stock versions are so cool I just want one to cruise around on but we all know how it is gonna end. Chopper glory. Sportsters make the cleanest most bitchin choppers out there. Yeah the clowns have all the same look but if you try some different stuff with them they can take on any look.

Number 4. They are fucking cheap like really cheap. I know I said I would never ride or own a Harley and part of it was the cost. So now all I own is Harleys and I don't think I will ever lose that passion for them. I love all kinds of different bikes but the sound and feel for a Vtwin is like a drug. So with that said for the price of a shitty xs650 chopper you can buy a clean running Ironhead. This should be a no brainer. 1000cc of brutal stump pulling good times versus a janky ass 650 that some crack head pieced together from TC bros. I do believe Tony might have the best xs in the world but ask him how much he has got into it.. 

Number 5. I don't think that a Ironhead is the best bike in the world but I can't think of a better bike for me. I give my bikes allot of attention and whatever they need I will figure out how to get it. These bikes will only be as reliable as you make them. My 68 has been running great all year and just doing the bare minimum works wonders. So here is some things to ponder

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  1. Ha ha, another bloke who said he'd never own a Harley, I can now totally empathise, don't own a classic Skirty yet but given I now have two Harleys, shit, anything's possible man, and yours is so fucking sweet.