Sunday, June 23, 2013

Better Then Christmas.............

We have heard about old man Curt before. Every year at Greaserama he brings me something cool and we catch up about life and just hang out. He is cool as shit and has some great stories about riding choppers in the 60' and 70's. Well I guess he has gotten  to that age that he was wanting to clear out some space and unloaded all these mags on me. HOLY SHIT when he called and said he had some rags for me I was thinking like 2 or 3 not a hundred or so. I was freaking out while pulling stack after stack of little pages out and then the old 50's Hot Rods came out then Rod And Customs. For someone like me this is better then winning the lottery in some respect. He thought of me because he knew I would not just flip them for money but will keep them and learn from them. Somewhere along the way I did something right. I'd say it will take me about a year to get through them all. I was going to lay them all out on the floor but the floor isn't big enough. Fuck where am I gonna put them?

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