Friday, June 21, 2013

No Waving Here

Pretty fucking funny but I have been riding the Honda for a couple of days just to make sure it is solid  before I sell it. It has been and has made the round trip a few times with no issues. What I have noticed that when I am riding my Harley I get every jack off in the world giving me the BIKER BRO WAVE. On the Honda I did not get a single wave in 3 days. Fucking awesome I'd say. See in the back of my head I am like" Fuck these mother fuckers I have two Harley choppers at home and I am still cooler then you riding this Honda". So there I said it. Screw you and your wave, take that hand and shove it up your ass. Well honestly if they rode that Honda automatic they could ride with one hand shoved up there ass. I rode to get lunch and held my lunch in my left hand and rode all over town with just my right. So Weird. Think I got it sold already so that is good, which means I will be getting waved at again. Ugh

1 comment:

  1. Yep, you said it man, true dat shit. People are idiots.