Thursday, June 6, 2013

Holding On To A Dream.....

Does anyone else get super attached to there gloves? They become like my children to me. After three years these fuckers have seen a lot of miles and I think this is about the end for them. Finally blew out the finger and they are starting to smell like death in the middle of summer. I was staring at them today and just could not throw them in the trash. I will start looking for a new pair so they can get broken in by the Sturgis trip. May get a pair of summer type gloves that aren't so hot but I like my damn gloves and they even look cool. They are worn in perfect and in the morning they keep my crusty hands warm and after work they are like slipping a pair of slippers on. Just on your hands of course. Noot next time we ship some heads and barrels we will be doing it in two boxes OK boss. Broken fins are a bummer for sure. Random things I have spied from the last week. This swingarm Sporty is top notch and the Robt Williams poster pics are from Erics Garage. The man is a genius when it comes to subject matter and style.


  1. Oh yeah, gloves, boots, belts, one of each and wear em til they rot . . . try some foot powder in the gloves man. Bang on re Williams.

  2. damn, i'd be tempted to have that finger stitched or somethin.