Monday, June 10, 2013

Swiss Miss

Hot cocoa is the color I think the 51 ended up for this season. Can't say I love it but I can say it is the only truck in the world this color. After 3 rounds of body work and two complete primer jobs I had to say enough is enough. So I have been driving the piss out of it the last two days and I have to admit I do love this old girl. Went to the vintage cycle show at the Airport and took am few pics. Very light turn out indeed and the weather was being a asshole so most people stayed home I guess. Anyways I have all my toys at home and I got to go explore some country roads today. 5 miles out of town and you are in straight up BFE and I love it. Found a sweet gravel road and decided the shovel is still to pretty to take on the dirt. I'll take the Sportster out there this weekend and do some sliding around. Yeah and some wise guy already left a Hot Cocoa instant pack by my shop. Funny

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  1. Nice randoms my friend and the truck looks te numero uno, the Brown Bomber rocks !!!