Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You"ll Meet The Biggest Asshole On A Honda

As in me Ha. Did some trade out work for this pretty clean little Honda CM400A as in Automatic. It is so fucking weird with no clutch. So this is how it works, there is a neutral and to go you move the shifter up into low. This will take you to all city speed limits like about 45-50 then up one more time to high and away you go. Fixed all the little shit and wiring issues and then did a shake down run the long way home. Not even a hiccup out of this old girl. Holds 65 no problem and was actually kinda fun. Big GIANT cushy seat which my ass really liked and besides the fact I probably looked like a circus bear on a tricycle it is ready to sell. You can see all the tire marks in the grass from me ripping it around the yard. Front brakes are weird to use as well. So used to not having one that I never even touched it. Anyways it is gonna be brutally hot this weekend so I will crank the AC and get some real work done.

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  1. Classic mate, get rid of it now and let the new owner deal with the inevitable cam chain issues later on . . . totally dig the new header blurb, we are cut from the same cloth.