Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh Deer

So far this week I have killed a deer with my truck. The Sonoma is also dead for that matter. If I was on my bike it would have been really bad. Thank god I was to tired to ride that morning. Anyways the car show I do is this weekend and we are in full swing. Shovelhead is all apart for a redo and fix up. Forward controls and a bigger gas tank. My vintage Wassell that Michael painted for me split open on one of the seams. BULLSHIT. I swear I can't have anything nice. So I think it is gonna be 3.5 gallon fat bobs and a sissy bar this go around. Pagan gold paint with candy apple red fog outlines around the panels. What else lets see. It has been hot as hell and I am tired of sweating. Car show on Saturday is gonna be 100 for real degrees. Yes.I want this lid real bad but to no avail it is to much on the gaybay.

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  1. Hope the gig goes brilliantly man, bring on the updates.