Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oh Neko and Top 5 Saturday

   Well its been a wacky week and once again I am sitting here thinking about a Top 5. There are very few artist that I truly love. One such artist is Neko Case. I am not gonna say I love every song she has ever recorded but for the most part I do. Sure her sound has changed from a very dark twangy murder ballad type sound to a very polished yet still her own. She has a new record out this month and what I have heard it is gonna be awesome. Now yes she does have redhair, she plays a tenor guitar, and her voice can make you fall in love, fall out of love, cry a river, and bring down the heavens all in a 2 minute song. There really are few artist that can do this. Granted it is not punk she still has a punk edge and the dark even very dark subject matter sets her apart from all the other female singers. It must have been 2000 when she came through KC and I went to see her. I had read somewhere that her favorite band was the Flat Duo Jets who I was also a giant fan of. So I see her play and fall even more in love with her. She had on this thrift store tshirt and some yucky torn up levis and some old school logging boots. After the show I walked up to say hi and thank you for the amazing show. ( I was probably ridiculous). Well I did my usual small talk and was charming I'm sure. I looked down at my jacket and remembered I had a Flat Duo Jets button on my jacket. She saw me fumbling around with the flap and then I held my hand out and she took the button from my hand and that is when she became my fake girlfriend forever. She said she loved the band and I said I know that is why I am giving it to you. She smiled a real smile and then gave me a hug. We have history

Top 5 Neko Records

Number 1. Blacklisted
Number 2. Furnace Room Lullaby
Number 3. Canadian amp
Number 4. The Virginian
Number 5. The Worse it gets


  1. Wow . . . seriously cool all round, 'fake girlfriend', brilliant.

  2. The Punk Historian Goldmine of all Iggydome would be you my friend . . .

    1. Yep, I only come here for the education.